OutBack Power FLEXware FW-IOBD-120/240VAC 60A Bypass

SKU: 500-0027


Outback, FlexWare Input/Output/Bypass, 60A, 120/240VAC for Dual Inverter, FW-IOBD-120/240VAC

The FLEXware 500 is designed for medium-power applications including residences, light industrial, and larger backup power systems. Up to two OutBack FX Series inverter/chargers, up to two OutBack charge controllers, and all related AC and DC components can be supported by the FLEXware 500 device architecture. FLEXware 500 AC and DC enclosures mount with a FLEXware MP in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, allowing for a simple and professional-looking wall-mounted installation in more space-constrained locations. All of the required protective equipment is housed in two enclosures in the FLEXware 500.


  • Efficiency - Up to two OutBack FX Series inverter/chargers can be used.
  • Safety - Up to two OutBack charge controllers, as well as all AC and DC components available.
  • User Friendly - Design with a small footprint. Orientation may be horizontal or vertical.