OutBack Power FLEXware FW-CCB Charge Control Side Bracket

SKU: 500-0023


Outback, FlexWare Charge Control Side Bracket for 1 MX60, FM60, or FM80, (Not compatible with FM100-300VDC charge controller), FW-CCB

This bracket can be used to mount a single FLEXmax Series Charge Controller on the side of an FW500, FW1000, or GSLC enclosure.


  • Efficiency - Power systems on a broad scale, such as those used in large residential, manufacturing, or village settings.
  • Safety - It is possible to assist up to four OutBack FX Series inverter/chargers.
  • User Friendly - OutBack has four charge controllers. Develop with a small footprint in mind. There are options for both vertical and horizontal mounting.