OutBack Power FLEXware DCA Conduit Adapter

SKU: 341-0001


Outback, DC Conduit Adapter, with 2" Fitting, DCA

This is needed for the FW500 and FW1000 systems. It is incompatible with systems that use the FW250 protocol. With the FX-DCA, attach a 2" conduit to the DC side of the inverter, or inverters to the FW-500DC or FW-1000DC. The FX-ACA connects to the inverter's AC side.


  • Highlights - Allows inverter/chargers from the FX and VFX Series to be connected to the FLEXware 500 and FLEXware 1000 enclosures. One FW-ACA and one DCA are needed for each FX Series inverter/charger. Hardware for installation is included. Power systems on a broad scale, such as those used in large residential, manufacturing, or village settings. DC Enclosure for FX Series Inverter/Chargers Adapter for DC Conduit.