Oatey Master Flash 14050 Flashing

SKU: 270-0697


Oatey, Flashing, 0.25"-2", Masterflash, 4-1/2 Base Dimension, 14050

Master Flash Roof flashings are available from Oatey. Roof flashings from Oatey Master Flash are designed for profiled roofing materials and can be mounted on a variety of roof surfaces, including metal, plastic, tile, rubber membrane, and others. Regardless of pipe position, the base is built to form a seal on any panel configuration and roof pitch. Since Master Flash® is flexible, it will not crack or break. Vibration, pipe movement due to expansion and contraction and snow-load movement are all accommodated. Master Flash® is made of EPDM and has been specially compounded to withstand ozone and ultraviolet light weathering.