NEP NC0142-US-BQ-A 580W Microinverter with Portrait AC Cables

SKU: 321-0001

NEP, BDM-600X, Micro Inverter, Compatible with 2 PV Modules, 60Vdc/2 X 14Imp Max, 208/240Vac, 580 Peak Power, Portrait AC Cables, NC0142-US-BQ-A

The BDM 600 solar microinverter is designed to support up to two 450W high power panels. Additionally, it features integrated ground (IG) that eliminates the need for grounding conductor (GEC) on the DC side. The unique design of the BDM 600 model, in addition to being functional, it is unique and original, available only with NEP.


• Low cost $/watt micro inverter

• High continuous output power up to 580Wac, recommended for dual max 385W solar panel

• High efficiency with 95.5% CEC

• Globally certified for UL1741, SAA, TUV, VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE0126, G83/2, CEL 021, IEC61727, EN50438, ABNT NBR 6149/16150

• Integrated grounding for easy installation

• NEMA-6/IP-66/IP-67 enclosure rating

• Integrated monitoring and power line communication with RDG-256 gateway

• Can connect with BDM-300 and BDM-250

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