Morningstar SureSine SI-300-115V-UL 300W Battery Inverter

SKU: 321-0002


Morningstar, SureSine battery inverter, 300W, 115VAC, 60Hz, No Transfer, 12VDC, Sinewave, Off Grid, 2 Yr Warr, No Charger, internal BTS, SI-300-115V-UL

This is a pure sine wave inverter designed specifically for rural PV electrification applications that require AC electricity, such as solar home systems, schools, community centers, and health clinics.


  • Improved Load - Pure Sine Wave (PSW): Provides high-quality AC that is comparable to grid power. The life of household appliances (lights, TVs, fans) will be extended and load efficiency will be improved by using a sine wave. Design of a Toroidal Transformer Produces good waveforms over a wide range of input voltages. Surge Capability that is Unparalleled: Allows for a 200 percent surge during load start-up up to 600 watts. Corrosion-resistant terminals and a formally coated circuit board At low, medium, and high power levels, high efficiency is achieved. TrakStar MPPT Technology determines and adjusts to the true maximum power point as solar insolation varies during the day, maximizing energy harvest.
  • More Power - High Peak Efficiency: A high peak efficiency reduces heating while allowing more solar energy to be used to power loads. Toroidal Transformer Design: Generates good waveform over a broad input voltage range. Low Self-Consumption: When powering loads, the SureSine consumes just 450mA. Solar energy is not lost when there is no load because the SureSine switches to standby mode, which reduces self-consumption to one-tenth of operating consumption.
  • High Reliability - Short circuit, overload, high temperature, and low voltage disconnect are all covered by the SureSine's robust electronic defenses. The majority of defects are automatically repaired. Internal Cooling Fan: This was a key design goal because fans often fail in harsh conditions, are noisy, consume fuel, and blow dirt into electronics. Tropicalization: The SureSine is secured against harsh tropical and marine conditions with epoxy encapsulation, conformal coating, stainless steel hardware, and an anodized aluminum enclosure.