Morningstar RD-1 Relay Driver Logic Module Accessory

SKU: 580-0041


Morningstar, Relay Driver, Logic Module Accessory for TriStar or other controller, RD-1

The Relay Driver from Morningstar is a logic module that performs high-level device control functions including high/low voltage alarms, load control, and generator start. When used in systems with other controllers, the product reads digital data inputs from Morningstar's TriStar controller or reads battery voltage to control four independent relay driver outputs.

Battery voltage, charge/load current, battery temperature, TriStar heat-sink temperature, PWM duty cycle, PV/load voltage, and all TriStar alarms or faults are all connected to a TriStar Controller.

Battery voltage, Relay Driver temperature, and input voltages from other sources are all used in systems with other controllers.


  • Safety - Controlling the generator at a higher level. Industrial design is a term that refers to the phase of Indicators made of LEDs. For industrial applications, there are high and low warning contacts. Controlling loads, including those needing a lot of fuel.
  • Efficiency - Planned for a range of uses, including High and Low Warning Contacts for Industrial Use. High-power applications, as well as load control (pumps and large motors). Battery Fans or Cooling Vents with Temperature Controlled Settings Functions for starting the generator. Charge Control for Auxiliary AC Backup
  • User Friendly - Exceptional reliability and quality. Flexibility is a virtue. It's fully programmable. When compared to other alarm and generator start kits, the four channels offer up to four high-level device control functions at a lower cost.