MidNite Solar MNTBB-B Black Long Busbar

SKU: 500-0159


Midnite Solar, Busbar, eleven #6 and four 1/0 useable wire slots, insulated, long version, black, MNTBB-B

Wire slots for 1/0 and #6 are available. 180 volts. Two lengths of 10-32 screws are included. These busbars can be wired with either copper or aluminum wire. Listed in the USA and Canada.

The Mini-DC Disconnect can be used with these UL-listed busbars. Each MNT bar is 4.63 inches long, with colored insulation, four 0 AWG and eleven 6 AWG available wire slots, and 10-32 UNF screws "a long time The MNS is a shorter version that can be used for PV + input on narrow OB E-Panels, Big Baby Boxes, Quad Boxes, and a different PV busbar for charge controllers. The MNS has four wire slots, two of which are 6 AWG and two of which are 0 AWG. The MNG ground busbar is 3.45 meters long "two 0 AWG and seven 6 AWG wire slots with mounting screws, long with green screws The MNIBIGBUSBAR is a positive and negative pair with six small wires and five battery connections. Aside from the shunt attachment, the MNSHUNT has four studs.

Aside from the wide breaker attachment, the MNBREAKER-BB-PLUS has eight studs.

The MNBREAKERADAPTER allows a 3/4" large panel-mount breaker to be installed in a 1" breaker room.


  • User Friendly - Two lengths of 10-32 screws are included.
  • Efficient - Rated for 180 Amps.
  • Safe - Copper and aluminum wire are also compatible. Listed in the USA and Canada.