MidNite Solar MNSW-SLIDER-30 Bypass Assembly

SKU: 500-0218


Midnite Solar, AC Bypass kit for single SW E-Panel, includes 3 2-Pole AC Breakers, one 50 Amp & two 30Amp, slider and hardware, Qty. 1, MNSW-SLIDER-30

Dual SW E-Panels with AC Bypass Breakers with 50 amp input and output, as well as a 50 amp bypass breaker. The Slider plate and hardware are also included. The customer is responsible for the AC wiring.

Next to the SW inverter is the MNE250SW or MNE175SW. A 250 A or 175 A inverter/battery breaker is included. A 500 A shunt is included, as well as knockouts for up to 6 DIN-mount breakers and 4 panel-mount breakers. The XW's battery terminals are connected to tin-plated copper busbars. AC inputs, AC outputs, neutral, field, PV + in, PV - in, Bat +, and Bat - all have busbars. Two charge controllers are knocked out on the top. The 23-pound enclosure measures 17.6"W x 15.2"H x 7.5" D and is color-matched.

For a single-inverter installation, the MNSW-SLIDER-30 has 30 A input and 50 A output/bypass breakers.

For a dual-inverter installation, the MNSW-SLIDER-50 has 50 A input/output/bypass breakers.

Both the SW E-panel and one SW inverter will be mounted on the MNSW-BACKPLATE. The object measures 20"H x 33"L x 1.5"D and weighs 15 lbs.