MidNite Solar MNLSOB-T1-AC Shut Off Box Transmitter

SKU: 580-0133

Midnite Solar, 90-305VAC Shut Off Box (SOB) Transmitter, up to 6 Strings, use with SOB Receiver, MNLSOB-T1-AC

The MidNite SOB is a low-cost, easy-to-install rapid shut-down device that complies with both the 2014 and 2017 NECs. The machine employs a receiver at the module that is wired in similarly to an optimizer, as well as a transmitter located in or near the inverter. Between the transmitter and receiver, the installer does not need to run any extra wiring. The device is fail-safe; if the receiver does not detect the transmitter's keep-alive data stream, it switches off and closes the circuit.

  • Power supply ranges from 12 to 16 VDC at 200mA.
  • 90 – 305VAC

Should string has a receiver attached to it. Up to six strings are possible.

The MNLSOB system was designed to work with grid-tied Inverters. At this time, it does not work with charge controllers.

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