MidNite Solar MNEMS4448PAED-2CL150 Pre-wired Inverter System

SKU: 348-0088


MidNite Solar, Pre-Wired Off Grid System, 120/240VAC, 2 MS4448PAE 4400W 48V Inverters, Magnum Router, 2 MNE175STM-240 White Steel E-Panels, 2 Classic 150 & 4 Breakers, 4 MN-SPD, MNEMS4448PAED-2CL150

To save time and simplify your installation, use this pre-wired and installed off-grid system. Midnite Solar designed them and included all of the breakers, parts, and circuit safety necessary for a secure and code-compliant installation. You just need to connect the external power sources, such as the PV collection, the battery backup, and your loads' distribution center, after installing the pre-wired system on the wall. It includes a main battery breaker as well as the appropriate wire sizes as specified in the installation manual. There is also a Rapid Shut Down (RSS) version.

Two Midnite Solar Classic charge controls, two Magnum inverter/chargers, and a Magnum Remote Control are included in this pre-wired setup (ME-ARC50). A Whizbang Jr current sense module (MNWBJR) is included, which connects to the charge controller and provides accurate amperage readings and battery state of charge. This system is available in a range of configurations and updates. Off-grid and battery-based grid-tie applications are both possible with this method.

The following are the features and components of this Midnite Solar Pre-wired system:

  • Environmental rating Type 1 (indoor)
  • Two Magnum MS4448 4400W 120/240 VAC Inverter/Charger
  • Magnum Remote Control (ME-ARC50)
  • Dual MNE175STM-240 E-Panel white color (made in the USA)
  • Two Classic 150 charge controllers with Ground Fault and Arc Fault protection (made in the USA)
  • MNEDC panel mount breakers for the charge controller Qty 4
  • MNSPD-300-DC surge protection devices Qty 4 (made in the USA)
  • 250A battery main breaker Qty 2
  • A Magnum and a Midnite BTS temperature sensor
  • 5-year warranty on all Midnite parts (Magnum provides its own equipment warranty)
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada
  • Installation manuals and wiring diagrams