MidNite Solar MNE250SMA-OG/AC DM SMA E-Panel

SKU: 500-0180


Midnite Solar, E-Panel, 250ADC, 120/240VAC, 60A dual bypass, Yellow Aluminum for SMA Sunny Island Master Inverter, No relay, MNE250SMA-OG/AC DM

The MNE250SMA-OG/AC DM The Dual Master E-Panel works with 1 of the MNE250SMA-Slave E-Panels to create a 120/240 VAC AC coupled or Off-Grid system. The MNE250SMA-OG/AC DM includes the 60amp, 120/240vac input/output bypass system.

MidNite Solar E-Panels and accessories complement the Sunny Island inverter's color scheme. One, two, or four-inverter configurations with 120/240 VAC or 120/208 VAC three-phase performance are available for SMA E-Panels (Requires three inverters). These can be used in grid-tied or off-grid networks and can be AC-coupled or DC-coupled. Each Sunny Island master inverter and each Sunny Boy inverter that accepts RS-485 cards should be used in AC-coupled systems with Sunny Boy inverters that accept RS-485 cards (see Grid-Tie Inverter section). Make use of the proper backplates.

In an AC-coupled configuration with a single Sunny Island inverter, the MNE250SMA-AC-SINGLE is an E-Panel used with the MNSMA Autoformer. It's immediately under the Sunny Island inverter. The secured loads' panel will accept 120/240 VAC, but the utility link will only accept 120 VAC.

The MNE250SMA-OG-SINGLE is an E-Panel for use with a single Sunny Island inverter in an off-grid configuration. Using one MNE250SMA-OG/AC-DM and one MNE250SMA-SLAVE E-Panel for a dual Sunny Island installation, whether AC-coupled or off-grid. Using one MNE250SMA-QUAD MASTER and three MNE250SMA-SLAVE E-Panels for a quad-stack Sunny Island installation, whether AC-coupled or off-grid. Using one MNE250SMA-3PH MASTER and two MNE250SMA-SLAVE E-Panels for a three-phase triple-stack Sunny Island installation, whether AC-coupled or off-grid.

The MNE250SMA-SLAVE is compatible with E-Panels that are dual, quad, or three-phase.

  • Included in each master E-Panel are a 250 A inverter battery breaker, 60 AAC bypass (125 A on the Quad master), input and output breakers, terminal busbars for all connections, 500 A shunt, spaces for DIN and panel-mount DC breakers, and wiring for the connections to the Sunny Island. One MNSMA Back Short backplate is used for each Sunny Island and E-Panel combination.
  • The MNSMA Back Long backplate is used for a single Sunny Island, E-Panel, and MNX-240.
  • The MNSMA E-Panels is 20.5” x 18.6” x 9.6”, weight 42 lbs. The MNSMA-Autoformer is 18.1” x 16.4” x 9.2”, weight 74 lbs.