MidNite Solar MNBirdhouse 1-Red Disconnect

SKU: 570-0932


Midnite Solar, Birdhouse, Remote Solar Disconnect Control Switch, with power supply & battery backup, Red NEMA 3R, MNBIRDHOUSE1-RED

The disconnecting combiners from MidNite Solar are at the core of the Birdhouse system (sold separately). An electrically tripped disconnect switch is included. The Birdhouse's trip signal is sent to the disconnecting combiner through a 600 volt CAT-5 cable. The combiner and the Birdhouse have two-way contact, so if the combiner is tripped, the Birdhouse will also be alerted.


  • Highlights - Up to three more Birdhouses can be added to provide PV disconnect capability in other areas. The Birdhouse has four LEDs that show the system's current state. The Birdhouse is clearly marked as the solar shutoff point on the reflective side labels. The Birdhouse has a voice announcement device that gives out the requisite instructions audibly. In the event of a power loss, internal rechargeable batteries provide temporary backup power. To communicate with other devices, such as a fire alarm system, the Birdhouse has a remote trip input and a software-activated relay.