MidNite Solar MNBE-A Battery Enclosure

SKU: 450-0013


Midnite Solar, MNBE-A Battery Enclosure, Powder-coated, 29" x 14.5" x 27", 6 G-31, 4 Golf Cart, or 2 8D, MNBE-A

The overall dimensions of the Midnite Solar MNBE-A grey powder-coated steel battery enclosure are 29.5 X 27.5 x 14.5 inches. It is ETL classified for use in the United States and Canada and is only rated for indoor use. They're made to work with lead-acid batteries. Choose the right enclosure size for the size and amount of batteries you'll be using. For larger battery banks, stack multiple enclosures side by side. For expansion, two MNBE-A battery enclosures can be stacked horizontally or vertically.

A locking door and one middle shelf are included in the Midnite Solar MNBE-A enclosure. Three group 31 or 27 sealed batteries can be stored side by side in the MNBE-A Battery Enclosure, or two can be stored end to end. One 8D battery can be stored on each shelf of the MNBE-A Battery Enclosure. For taller batteries, the middle shelf can be removed. On the top and sides of the gray powder-coated steel battery enclosure are 2” knock downs.