MidNite Solar MNBCB-1000/100 Battery Combiner Box

SKU: 500-0207

Midnite Solar, MN-Battery Combiner with 1000A Positive & Negative Bus bars and 100mV shunt for OutBack, Knockouts for 12 Panel Breakers, MNBCB 1000/100


A 1000-amp positive and negative bus bar with 3/8-inch studs is included. Cables can be double lugged, and holes can be drilled in the copper bus bar for additional mounting positions. If you drill holes to connect further ring terminals, we consider using 3/8 inch stainless bolts. A 1000-amp, 100-volt shunt with a 1/2-inch bolt for customer attachment is included (SMA uses 50mv shunt). See MNBCB-1000/50 for a 1000amp 50mV shunt (SMA uses 50mv shunt). It can hold up to 12 1” MNEDC breakers, and the MNBREAKER ADAPTER can be used to fit it down to 34” breakers. Iron with a powder coating.

Useful for dual Radian inverters as well as for combining multiple strings of batteries.

  • Max. AC Voltage - 277VAC
  • Max. DC Voltage - 300VDC
  • Max. Wire Size - 4/0
  • The number of available spaces is twelve (12).
  • Environmental Classification - Environmental Classification Type 1 (indoor)
  • Product Dimensions: 35-1/2" L x 22" W x 9-3/4" D
  • Product Weight: 50lbs

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