Maltby Electric RACO 2903RT 3/4" EMT Compression Connector

SKU: 551-0003


3/4" EMT Rain Tight Compression Connector, Qty.1, RACO 2903RT

  • Mechanical Protection for the Raceway Fittings is ensured by the all-steel construction.
  • All fittings are labeled as wet locations so that inspectors can quickly determine whether the installation is up to code.
  • A Knockout Seal is installed at the factory on all connectors.
  • No Need to Add the Expense of Buying a Gasket Separately
  • There is no need to disassemble the fitting before installing it.
  • RACO Raintight Steel EMT Compression Fittings Are Designed to Be Mounted Directly on the Conduit As They Come Out of the Carton.
  • No Need to Waste Time Loosing Compression Nuts
  • No Need for Special Tools to Install Properly
  • Install These Fittings Like any Other Steel EMT Compression Fitting
  • No Need for a Torque Wrench to Insure Proper Installation