Magnum MPXS250-30D-R Right Side Panel Extension Box

SKU: 500-0102


Magnum, Panel Extension Box for MPSL/MPSH Right Side, 250ADC breaker, 30A 2-pole AC breaker, Wires, Hood, MPXS250-30D-R

Additional Magnum inverters can be installed and attached to the MP Series Systems Panels using the MPX Series Extension Boxes. The MPX's top has been built so that Magnum inverters can be mounted without difficulty.

The AC and DC breakers, as well as the wiring needed to mount another Magnum Inverter, are included with the MPX Series. Each MPX extension comes with an inverter hood (not shown) that allows the inverter to be installed vertically.

The MPX Series is available in three versions, depending on which MP enclosure it will be mounted in. Depending on the side of the MP enclosure it will be mounted, each model has a left and right side version, ensuring proper battery cable lengths.

The MPXD250-30D (-L or -R) is an MPX enclosure for the MPDH250-30D. One 30-amp AC double-pole input circuit breaker, one 250-amp DC disconnect breaker, an inverter hood, and all AC and DC inverter wiring necessary to install a second inverter are included.