Magnum ME-SSI Series Stacking Cable Kit

SKU: 500-0078


Magnum, Series Stacking Interface - Allows 2 Units to Provide 120/240VAC. Fits MS4024 Only, ME-SSI

The Series Stacking Interface (ME-SSI) kit by Magnum Energy allows two MS, two MS/AE, or two RD model inverters - both units must be the same make and model - to be connected together in a “seriesstacked” configuration to provide 120VAC and 240VAC outputs. When connected together in series, the AC output of each inverter continues to provide 120VAC, but the two 120VAC output waveforms are also phase locked and synchronized 180° out-of-phase from each other to provide 240VAC. This is commonly referred to as a 120/ 240VAC split-phase or as a 240VAC single-phase with a center-tap neutral and is the same AC voltage configuration that most utility companies connect to houses.

While inverting, a series-stacked configuration allows you to operate 240VAC loads at twice the power that is available from a single inverter; and the ability to provide the power of each inverter separately to operate 120VAC loads.

While charging, a series-stacked configuration allows the battery bank to be independently charged up to twice the power available from a single inverter; and if needed, provide back-up power for your 120/240VAC loads during a utility black-out.

The ME-SSI kit consists of:

  • Installation and Operation Guide
  • Two DC interconnects cables (red and black)
  • Two DC terminal insulators (red and black)
  • Series Stacker cable