Magnum ME-RSA-M Remote Switch Adapter

SKU: 500-0077


Magnum, Remote Switch Adapter - Pigtail Adapter for Remote Switch, Momentary, ME-RSA-M

Users can use the ME-RSA and ME-RSA-M Remote Switch Adapters to connect an external switch and turn the inverter on and off remotely. To turn the inverter ON or OFF, the ME-RSA needs a "maintain" or on/off form of switch. The ME-RSA-M needs a "momentary" switch, which allows the inverter to be turned on and off using several switches in various locations.

These Remote Switch Adapters are easy to set up and operate with inverters that have a "stack/accessories" port, such as the ME, MS, and RD Series inverters.

The ME-RSA or ME-RSA-M inverters are not compatible with the MS-PAE or MS-PE Series inverters.