Magnum ME-BMK-NS Battery Monitor Kit

SKU: 570-0959

Magnum, Battery Monitoring Kit, State of Charge Meter, Does Not Include DC Shunt, ME-BMK-NS

Magnum Energy's ME-BMK-NS (Battery Monitor Kit - No Shunt)* provides a "fuel gauge" form of meter for your battery bank. It keeps track of the battery bank's charge percentage, real-time amps, voltage, amp-hours in/out, and minimum/maximum DC volts. The sense module, sense, and communication cables are all included in the Battery Monitor Kit. The 500A/mV shunt is not included in this ME-BMK-NS, which is similar to the ME-BMK. However, in order for the Battery Monitor to operate, this shunt must be mounted in the battery system.

* A Magnum inverter with a "Network" port and a ME-RC (revision 2.0 or higher) or ME-ARC remote control is required for the ME-BMK-NS.


  • Safety - Real-time reporting of the state of charge of the battery.
  • Efficiency - The sense module and cables are included.
  • User Friendly - Installation and operation are easy.

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