Magnum BP-D Back Plate

SKU: 500-0105


Magnum, Back Plate Dual (fits 1-MPDH, 1-MPSH and 1-MPX, 1-MPSL and 1-MPX), BP-D

The BP-D is a single-piece powder-coated steel back-plate that can house two MP or MPX enclosures, two Magnum inverters, and two inverter hoods, making the whole device look more seamless. The back-plate is built with PEM (internally threaded) nuts and comes with 14-20 x 34" Hex head bolts for mounting the MP enclosure, a Magnum inverter, and the inverter hood.

This back-plate also fulfills the necessity for a noncombustible mounting surface when the inverters are mounted on the wall.