MK Battery Deka 6AVR45-5 120Ah 12V AGM Battery

SKU: 440-0128

MK Battery, Unigy II, 12V, 6 Cell Module, 120Ah @ 24hr, Non-Interlock, 6AVR45-5

The MK Battery / Deka Solar 6AVR45-11 is the Unigy II 3.3 kWh, 12V (275Ah @ 24Hr), AGM battery engineered in a Non-Interlock space saving design with 6 cells. The Deka Unigy II 6AVR45-11 battery features 6x AVR45 battery cells with 11 plates per cell and is designed for 12 volt systems. The Deka Unigy II spacesaver battery utilizes a smaller footprint to save space while providing optimal power. Assembly is quick and easy with a two-way post design allowing quick connector assembly and optimized current transfer. The two-way post design is lead plated solid copper providing a large contact area with front access bolting for easier installation and maintenance. The non-interlock module features a three-piece base and has front and rear access bolts for mounting.

The Deka Unigy II Spacesaver battery system is ideal for a variety of applications including telecommunications, switchgear control, cellular radio, renewables, railroad signs/communications and uninterruptible power sources (UPS).

Deka Unigy II Non-Interlock module utilizes:

  • Front and rear access bolts for mounting, providing easy and safe installation
  • Modules are coated with acid resistant epoxy powder paint
  • Each module has mounting holes for grounding option
  • Standard two-piece base enables anchors to be drilled and installed with base in place
  • Meets UBC Zone 4 certification of ground level in most applications up to 8 modules high

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