Krinner DTG114x3“Hex KSF Ground Screw Driver Tool use With 114mm Ground Screws

SKU: 730-0073


Krinner, KSF Ground Screw Driver tool, use with 114mm Ground Screws. 3” Hex, DTG114x3“Hex

Ground screws are based on the principle of pile foundations - one of the oldest and most reliable types of foundation. It consists of a galvanised steel pipe with a welded on thread which is designed to support horizontal and vertical loads in the ground and is installed with the help of a ground screw driver. This type of foundation is capable of carrying the same loads as concrete foundations. Using this type of foundation also rids you of the need to displace any earth when building.

A real all-rounder: grounds screws can be used as point foundations in surface foundations, as well as in economic deep foundations. But they can also be used when a foundation needs to be built in challenging situations. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a construction project on steep slopes, in a small and difficult to access construction site or a project that is time-sensitive, KRINNER ground screws are an economical answer to almost any building requirement.