IronRidge XR Rail XR-10-204M 204" (17') Mill Rail

SKU: 210-0000

IronRidge, XR10, Rail 204" (17') Mill Finish, Qty. 1, XR-10-204M

XR Rails® are the structural backbone of IronRidge® pitched, flat and ground-based arrays. Their signature curve helps them to resist uplift, protect against buckling and safely and efficiently transfer loads into the building structure.

Their superior spanning capability requires fewer roof attachments, reducing the number of roof penetrations and the amount of installation time. Each size supports specific design loads, while minimizing material costs. Depending on your location, there is an XR Rail® to match.

XR10® is a sleek, low-profile mounting rail, designed for regions with light or no snow. It achieves 6 foot spans, while remaining light and economical.

  • 6’ spanning capability
  • Moderate load capability
  • Clear & black anodized finish
  • Internal splices available

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IronRidge XR Rail Mounting Rail Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.