IronRidge XR-100-183A 183" (15') Clear Rail

SKU: 210-0248

IronRidge, XR100, Rail 183" (15.25') Clear, Qty. 1, XR-100-183A

The XR Rail Family comes in three sizes, each with the power of a curved rail. Each size is designed to accommodate complex design loads while keeping material costs to a minimum. There is an XR Rail that corresponds to your position. Among solar mounting rails, the XR1000 is a heavyweight. It's made to withstand harsh weather and can stretch up to 12 feet in length for commercial use. The XR100 is the ultimate mounting rail for your home. It can withstand a variety of wind and snow conditions while maintaining maximum spans. The XR10 is a slim, low-profile mounting rail that is ideal for areas with little to no snow. It spans 6 feet while remaining light and cost-effective.

IronRidge Mounting Rail Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.