IronRidge UFO GM-BRC-003 Bonding Rail Connector

SKU: 220-0716

IronRidge, SGA Bonding Rail Connector, for 3" pipe, UFO series, GM-BRC-003

  • Horizontal cross pipes are attached and bonded to XR1000 Rails with our Bonded Rail Connectors. To build a safe and bonded link, each rail needs two connectors. These Rail Connectors are made of extruded 6000 series aluminum and come in two sizes: 2” and 3”. For more detail, look through the images on the section overview.
  • FeaturesSafety - All components were checked for structural integrity. Separate module grounding components are eliminated with the UL 2703 system.
  • Efficiency - In most states, pre-stamped engineering letters are eligible. It's easy to develop, share, and price projects using online apps.
  • User Friendly - It's light and works with industry-standard attachments.

IronRidge UFO Bonding Rail Connector Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.