IronRidge TM-FTL-025 25" Mill Fixed Tilt Leg

SKU: 211-0484

IronRidge, Fixed Tilt Leg, Kit, 25", Mill, Qty. 1, TM-FTL-025

The IronRidge Tilt Mount System accommodates a wide range of solar module tilting angles while also withstanding the intense wind and snow forces that a building can encounter during its lifetime.

Every part has been extensively engineered and thoroughly tested, and the entire device is made entirely of corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel.

Tilt assembly up to 30 degrees to the desired angle. The South and North Tilt Legs, as well as all hardware, are included in the kits. Available in a variety of lengths to accommodate a wide range of angles. Angle indicators are used in the assembled South Tilt Legs. Legs and rails are electrically linked.


  • Safety - All components were tested for structural integrity. Separate module grounding components are eliminated with the UL 2703 system.
  • Efficiency - In most states, pre-stamped engineering letters are eligible. It's easy to develop, share, and price projects using online apps.
  • User Friendly - It's light and works with industry-standard attachments.

IronRidge TM Fixed Tilt Leg Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.