IronRidge KO KOB-1L01-B1 Black Tile Replacement Base

SKU: 212-0002

IronRidge, Tile Replacement Base (Incl. 1 L-Foot (Black), 1 Lag and Hardware) use with Tile Replacement Flashing, Qty. 1, KOB-1L01-B1

Solar installations on tile roofs can be difficult and time-consuming. These jobs often necessitate tile grinding to ensure proper fit, a struggle to match mounting components, and extensive searches for broken tile replacements.

The response is Knockout Tile. The replacement mount fits into the current roof structure quickly and efficiently. You make a solid stack of high-performance, form-fitting components with a hammer strike that fully encases the waterproof seal. As a result, installation time and flexibility have never been better.


  • Form-Fitt Waterproofing - Knockout Tile's unique compression seal technology holds water out and in by connecting the flashing, gasket, and L-foot with a single hammer strike.
  • Universal Base - Knockout Tile base is solid, but light, and has a small footprint. It can be installed anywhere along the rafter in any orientation. Flat, S, and W flashings all use the universal platform.
  • Concentric Loading - The use of a single lag with a slight offset between the lag bold and the L-foot enhances structural efficiency. This leads to a 40% improvement in loading capability and a 50% reduction in roof penetrations.

IronRidge KO Tile Replacement Base Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.