IronRidge FlashVue FV-01-M1 Mill Flashing

SKU: DS-270-1032

IronRidge, FlashVue Flashing with GripCap, 8" x 12", includes: 5/16" x 4.25" SS Lag Bolt with EPDM Washer, Mill Finish, Qty. 1, FV-01-M1

IronRidge has designed a flashing that checks all the boxes: fully waterproof, fast and easy to install correctly, economical, and strong enough to handle every environmental condition. The FV-01-M1 FlashVue™ Flashing does it all. The optimized flashing design features a large viewport which allows for easy alignment with the pilot hole. The GripCap (Included) and GripCap+ (Sold Separately) sit snugly in place, so the lag can be single-handedly driven in.


Three-Tier Water Seal, Reimagined

  • FlashVue’s patented seal design utilizes three layers of protection. The viewport is elevated 0.30” and provides a “friction-fit” for the GripCap. The GripCap fully covers the viewport while a sealing washer adds an extra layer of protection. An EPDM washer and lag bolt complete the water-tight seal.

GripCap (Included) & GripCap+ (Sold Separately)

  • The 360º capable GripCap (2.74” tall) and GripCap+ (3.74” tall) can be placed in any orientation making it very easy to install. Simply push the GripCap snugly into the viewport, without having to worry whether it will roll away or rotate while driving the lag.

Large Viewport in Flashing

  • The large viewport makes it easy to align the flashing with the pilot hole and drive the lag centered into the rafter. The elevated rim not only provides a sturdy dock for the GripCap or GripCap+, but also increases water-shedding capabilities.

Trusted Strength & Certifications

  • Attachment Loading - FlashVue has been tested and rated to support 1161 (lbs) of uplift and 353 (lbs) of lateral load.
  • Structural Certification - Designed and certified for compliance with the International Building Code & ASCE/SEI-7.
  • Water Seal Ratings - Passed both the UL 441 Section 27 “Rain Test” and TAS 100-95 “Wind Driven Rain Test” by Intertek.
  • UL 2703 Listed System - Conforms to UL 2703 mechanical and bonding requirements. See Flush Mount Manual for more info.

IronRidge FlashVue Flashing Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.