IronRidge FlashFoot FM-FF1-002 Mill Flashing Kit

SKU: 270-0892

IronRidge, Flashing, Flashfoot kit with L-foot and Bonding hardware, Mill, UFO series, Qty. 1 box of 6 flashings, FM-FF1-002

For composition shingle roofs, the IronRidge FlashFoot is an all-in-one solar mounting product that removes the need for separate standoffs, flashings, and L-feet. To securely connect IronRidge XR Rails to roof structures while also protecting against water penetration and weather damage, FlashFoot integrates a variety of structural and waterproofing features. Flashing, lag bolt, and L-Foot are included.

IronRidge FlashFoot Flashing Kit Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.