IronRidge FM-CM-001-B Black Comp Shingle Conduit Mount

SKU: 270-0942

IronRidge, Conduit Mount/Flashing for Composition roofs, for ¾ / 1” EMT, 9" x 12", Black, Qty. 1 box of 4, FM-CM-001-B

While battling severe weather and harsh rooftop conditions, every part in a solar array is expected to last for decades. These items must be meticulously engineered and thoroughly tested to ensure that they can do the job day in and day out.

Despite posing comparable risks of equipment failures, leaks, and callbacks, many of the components located just outside the solar array attract much less attention and scrutiny.

The IronRidge Conduit Mount supports a wide range of electrical and waterproofing technology.


  • Conduit Clamp - Without the use of tools, it snaps into position and can be oriented in any direction.
  • Conduit Cap - Without the use of hardware, it twists on, encases the seal, and offers elevated mounting.
  • Deck Screw - No rafter is necessary to secure the roof deck. The socket size is the same as the rest of the hardware.

IronRidge Conduit Mount Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.