IronRidge Contour CTR-OUT-01-B1 Black Trim Outer Corner Cap

SKU: 270-9083

IronRidge, Contour Trim Outer Corner Cap, Black, Qty. 1, CTR-OUT-01-B1

Aesthetic Arrays, Sleeker All Around

Homeowners want the solar on their home to meet their energy needs, while not detracting from their home’s aesthetics.

IronRidge Contour™ Trim elevates the look of any array by providing sleek trim across the south edge or around the perimeter to hide components that are visible beneath the solar panels.

Contour™ installs quickly and easily, reducing time on the roof. The C-shaped Clamp attaches directly to the bottom flange of modules, with T30 Torx bolts that minimize the gap between the Trim and array.

Simply put, Contour™ will make any array look great, and have your crew on and off the roof in a snap.

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IronRidge Contour End Cap Warranty

IronRidge provides a 25 year limited product warranty.