Heyco Sunbundler S6412 Stainless Steel Wire Cable Tie

SKU: 550-0448


Heyco, Sunbundler Stainless Steel Wire Cable Tie, 12" Long, 1/16" Diameter, Black, Qty. 1, S6412, 550-0448

Commercial aircraft grade 302/304 stainless wire with UV-resistant vinyl jacket and 304 stainless steel crimp sleeve

  • Stainless steel cable tie with a vinyl jacket that is extremely durable.
  • The installation cable insulation is covered by smooth vinyl jacketing.
  • Stainless steel crimp sleeve for quick installation in the field using electrician's pliers or wire cutters.
  • The UV-protected vinyl jacket is suitable for solar installations that need product durability.
  • Crimp the sleeve and cut the excess wire with normal wire cutters.
  • With a UV-protected vinyl vest, it's made of Commercial Aircraft Grade Stainless Wire.
  • Not for use in a marine saltwater environment. Contact Heyco for alternative materials