Hellermann 596-00253 DC Module Rating Info Label

SKU: 501-1058

Hellermann, Labels, DC Module Rating Label from NEC 2011, Variable Imprint Rating Label, Qty. 1, 596-00253

Designed with cross-laminated UV stable materials, these variable print Solar Installation Labels are designed to accept printing from any standard thermal transfer printer using a resin-based ink ribbon for the best durability. Print your voltage information directly on the label and then laminate with an optional clear acrylic laminate material for added protection. These labels can be used to print disconnecting means and breaker series directly on the labels for a more professional result and a smoother inspection process.

  • Made with UV-stable inks and materials for durability and weather resistance
  • Reflective properties to meet applicable NEC® code requirements for reflective identification
  • Supplied with an aggressive adhesive to ensure long life
  • Meets NEC & IFC standards for printed text, character height, color and outdoor UV stability to pass inspections

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