Generac X7602 7.6kW Battery-Based Inverter

SKU: 310-0118

Pika, Storage-Ready 7.6kW Single Phase 120/240Vac Grid-Tie/Back-Up Inverter with REbus DC Nanogrid and Review Monitoring Dashboard, UL1741-SA (Rule-21), X7602

The Generac X7602 Islanding Inverter is a 7.6kW single-phase grid-tied inverter with REbus DC nanogrid and a REview monitoring dashboard that is designed for residential solar installations with a 120V - 240V grid connection. With greater power and efficiency, the X7602 inverter produces up to 12kW of instantaneous backup power to ensure continued power in your home when the grid goes down. This bi-directional, REbus-powered inverter offers a simpler, more efficient design for integrating smart batteries with solar.

Ideal for self-supply, backup power, zero-export and energy cost management, this inverter is designed to automatically reduce your energy costs by taking advantage of new time of use rate structures. The X7602 inverter can support up to 4 batteries. Certified to UL 1741-SA (Rule 21), Rule 14H, and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

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