Generac PWRgenerator 8005 9.0kW PWRcell Standby Generator

SKU: 140-0021


Generac, PWRgenerator, 9kW 380Vdc, Air-Cooled,  Natural Gas or LPG, Aluminum Enclosure, Use only with PWRcell Inverter/Battery, UL, CSA, 8005

PWRgenerator is a new type of DC generator designed to rapidly recharge Generac's PWRcell Battery. The novel combination offers system owners the cost-saving benefits of solar power, as well as the independence and power resilience provided by home standby generators. The net result is true energy independence for homeowners who are at risk of power outages or subject to rate hikes from the utility.

A first-of-its-kind, new addition to the PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage family, PWRgenerator connects directly to the PWRcell inverter, essentially creating a residential nano-grid allowing a home to be fully energy independent. PWRgenerator, when combined with a properly sized solar and battery storage system, delivers a complete level of energy independence, allowing homeowners to control and own their power. During the day, the solar panels provide power to the home and the excess can charge the battery. During the night, the battery discharges and if it reaches 30% state of charge, PWRgenerator will turn on and fully charge the battery in about 1 hour. In addition, PWRgenerator is designed to be extremely quiet and fuel efficient, running on either natural gas or LP. This system also offers the ultimate in clean power outage protection.