Generac PWRcell HSBK Battery Enclosure

SKU: 450-0159


Pika, Harbor Plus Smart Battery Electronics and Enclosure for Li- ion Battery, compatible with REbus DC Nanogrid (requires Panasonic DCB-105 Battery Modules, Purchased Separately), HSBK

The HSBK PWRcell Battery Cabinet is an enclosure for lithium-ion battery modules and is compatible with REbus DC nanogrid. The modular PWRcell cabinet can support 3 to 6 battery modules and is designed to be easily mounted onto a wall. The battery modules can be added, replaced, or upgraded as needed over time. An odd number of batteries will require a module spacer (HMSK).

The PWRcell cabinet allows for a flexible energy storage capacity of 8.6 kWh up to 17.1 kWh in a single cabinet. Four HSBK PWRcell battery cabinets can be connected to a single islanding inverter for up to 68.4kWh of energy storage. The PWRcell battery cabinet is backed by a 10-year warranty and requires PWRcell 2.85kWh Battery Modules or Panasonic DCB-105 Battery Modules (Purchased Separately).