Generac PWRcell APKE00007 Battery Enclosure

SKU: 450-0164


Generac, PWRcell Battery Enclosure and Electronics for Li-ion Battery, requires PWRcell 2.85kWh Battery Module, (Purchased Separately), APKE00007

PWRcell 2.85kWh Battery Module is required and is sold separately.

To use within the Generac APKE00007 PWRcell Battery Enclosure, a minimum of three Generac A0000391219 PWRcell Battery Modules (8.6 usable kWh) are needed. In a single PWRcell Battery Enclosure, up to 6 PWRcell Battery Modules can be accommodated (17.1 usable kWh).

PWRcell is a smart battery platform that can be programmed in a number of ways to satisfy any need, big or small. PWRcells come in a range of capacities from 8.6 to 17.1 kWh. PWRcell can be updated with additional modules as needs change. Use the diagram above to figure out what parts you'll need for your PWRcell setup.