Generac PWRcell A0000391219 3.38kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

SKU: 480-0125


Generac, PWRcell Battery Module, 3.38kWh Name Plate, 2.85kWh Useable, A0000391219

No other smart battery offers the flexibility of PWRcell. Whether for backup power or smart energy management, the PWRcell battery has power and capacity options for every need, without sacrificing flexibility or function.

The PWRcell battery series allows system owners the flexibility to scale from the economical 8.6kWh PWRcell 9™ to the massive 17.1 kWh PWRcell 17™ by adding additional PWRcell battery modules, the gold standard in storage.

Minimum of 3 Generac A0000391219 PWRcell Battery Modules (8.6 usable kWh) needed to use inside the Generac APKE00007 PWRcell Battery Enclosure. Able to be expanded to 6 PWRcell Battery Modules in a single PWRcell Battery Enclosure (17.1 usable kWh).

Connect as many as two 2 PWRcells Battery Enclosure to a single PWRcell Inverter for up to 34.2kWh of storage.