Generac 7006 100A Smart Management Module

SKU: 577-0228

Generac, Smart Management Module (SMM) 100A for Automatic Load Shedding, use with Load Management ATS or Gen-Set, 7006

Control loads independent of the automatic transfer switch. The Generac Smart Management Module 7006 manages 240-Volt 100-Amp Loads. Load Priority Setting determines which loads start and run first. Up to 8 Smart Management Modules per Generac Standby System control different loads with priorities set from 1-8.

A 240-Volt circuit from the circuit breaker panel supplies each Smart Management Module. During utility operation, the appliance or load operates normally. Under generator power, each load connected through a smart management module runs according to priority to optimize generator power. If the generator frequency falls below a specific threshold, the Generac SMM sheds the load.

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