Generac 5819 Wet Cell Battery

SKU: 420-0115


Generac, 26R Battery for 16-22kW A/C HSB and 32-36kW L/C HSB - Must ship with Home Standby Generator, 5819

Keep power going in any situation with the help of the Generac 5819 26R Wet Cell Battery. Every standby generator requires a battery to start the system, and this handy product is the ideal power source for the job. This hand tool offers the recommended 26R that can be used with all air-cooled standby products and liquid-cooled standby products 60kW and below, excluding the QT4842. It offers tons of versatility with many types of units. This 26R generator battery is just what's needed to ensure that the system will power up every time. Each one weighs a little over 70 pounds and is a heavy-duty item that can be added to a current generator. The Generac generator battery is a very useful item to keep the home up and running during a power outage or other emergency. Those in any part of the country can benefit from this item when a bad storm pops up. And for those with a motorized home, it can be invaluable as a secondary option. Power up anytime with the Generac 5819 26R Wet Cell Battery.