Fronius Smart Meter 43,0001,3529

SKU: 570-1136


Fronius, Smart Meter, 208/240V, 1-Ph or 3-Ph, 50-60Hz, for Primo/Galvo/Symo, 43,0001,3529

US-240v 240-3 UL Fronius Smart Meter Item Code 43,0001,3529 is a bidirectional energy meter for feed-in control and energy usage tracking.

Fronius Galvo, Fronius Primo, Fronius Symo, and the soon-to-be-released Fronius Primo Hybrid Inverters are all compatible with the Fronius Smart Meter. It's a bidirectional energy meter that pairs with Fronius Solar.web to give you a full image of your energy use at home or at work.



  • Modbus RTU communication provides high accuracy and speed.
  • Feed-in management and dynamic power reduction are two examples of feed-in management.
  • On the Fronius Datamanager, dynamic feed-in configuration is easy.
  • User interface version 2.0.
  • Fronius Solar.web provides a visual representation of energy consumption.
  • The Fronius storage solution allows for improved energy management.