Fronius DUO Rapid Shutdown

SKU: 580-0131


Fronius, Rapid Shutdown Box-DUO, Single/Dual String, for all 600 Volt inverters 3.8 kW to 15 kW, 1 string in (2 when used with Branch Connectors), MC-4, 1 Channel Out, 25A, 600VDC, includes mounting Bracket, 4,240,153

The latest generation 4,240,153 DUO Rapid Shutdown Box (RSB) offers a simple solution for NEC 2014 (690.12) and NEC 2017 (Array Disconnect) compliance while also improving overall rooftop and firefighter protection. The Fronius 4,240,153 DUO Rapid Shutdown Box is the ultimate solution for all Fronius SnapINverters in systems up to 600VDC, thanks to its low-profile nature, installer-friendly mounting, and wiring.

The Fronius solution reduces the number of components and removes the need for an external power supply by directly connecting the box to the inverter from the same conduit as the DC home runs and charging it from the series. Its low-profile nature allows it to be installed underneath the modules, ensuring a clean device appearance, and the NEMA 4X rating means it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Wiring their latest generation Rapid Shutdown Box is even easier thanks to MC4 connectors, spring-loaded terminals, and plenty of wiring room.

When AC is not present at the inverter, Rapid Shutdown is allowed, quickly discharging the DC lines to the inverter. This offers a smooth, code-compliant solution to the NEC requirement for PV systems on buildings to provide rapid shutdown functionality.