Fortress Power ENVY 12kW 12.0kW Battery-Based Inverter

SKU: 311-0099

Fortress Power, Envy 12K Battery or Battery-Less Inverter, 12kW from Battery, 120/240Vac, 50/60Hz, 48VDC, Transformerless Sinewave, Grid Tie/Off-Grid, AC and/or DC Coupled, Dual AC inputs, 200A Pass-through Breaker, 3 600V MPPT PV inputs, with AFCI/GFDI, Built in APsmart transmitter, 10 Yr. Warr, UL1741-SB, NEMA 4X, ENVY 12kW




The Fortress Power Envy True 12 – a whole-home, all-in-one 12kW inverter solution. Paired with the Fortress Power eFlex 5.4 kWh, the eVault MAX 18.5 kWh or LFP-10 MAX batteries, the Envy features a 200A AC passthrough providing up to 12kW (50A @ 240V) of whole-home backup power. The Envy features a built-in generator input with AC/DC coupling, on- and off-grid capabilities, plus a 3 MPPT output allowing for a maximum of 21 kW PV array. The Envy is equipped with a built-in APsmart Module Level Rapid Shutdown Transmitter and Button, along with Pre-built AC & DC breakers allowing for fast installation and commissioning. Use our online monitoring app to access your system from anywhere.



  • 200A AC Passthrough Current For Whole Home Backup
  • 3MPPT Output For Max 21kW PV Array
  • AC / DC Coupling
  • IP65 Rated For Indoor & Outdoor Installation
  • Built-In Generator Port
  • 5 Units In Parallel
  • Online Monitoring/App
  • Color LCD Touch Screen
  • 3 Phase Compatible (Upcoming Feature)


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