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  • FZSoNick 803000572 48V Sodium Nickel Chloride 200Ah Battery

FZSoNick 803000572 48V Sodium Nickel Chloride 200Ah Battery

SKU: 410-2000

FZSoNick, 48V, 200Ah, 9.6kWh, TL Range SMC (Sodium Metal Chloride) Battery, with BMS, UL9540A, IP55, 48TL200, 803000572

Sodium Metal Chloride batteries are the latest generation of the secondary batteries developed specifically to the constraints of the heavy industrial applications. They use metal-based cathode and molten Sodium anode to provide exceptionally safe and reliable power backup that is enclosed in the industrial-grade steel case and equipped with integrated Battery Monitoring. Stable chemical reaction, zero maintenance and insensitivity to temperature and storage aging makes them one of the best choices for Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Communications, Rail and other industrial use.

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