Enphase Mobile Connect+ CELLMODEM-M1-06-SP-05 Cell Modem

SKU: 570-1222


Enphase, Mobile Connect, LTE CAT M1 Cell Modem, Plug and Play Modem, includes 5 Year Sprint Data Plan for US, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Canada, Mexico up to 60 Inverters, CELLMODEM-M1-06-SP-05

The Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modems deliver easy, reliable networking for Enphase Systems using S and IQ Series Gateways.

The Cellular Modem connects the Gateway-S or IQ Gateway to the Enphase Cloud through LTE-M cellular connectivity. It eliminates the need for an on-site Internet connection to monitor an Enphase system.

The modem is pre-configured and is activated when connected to the Gateway. The Gateway collects module-level and system-level production data, and can be configured to collect consumption data at pre-defined periods of time.

It also transmits to the Enphase Cloud four times a day.