Enphase Enpower EP200G101-M240US00 Smart Switch

SKU: 580-0146

Enphase, Enpower Smart Switch with 200A capacity, Neutral-Forming Transformer, Microgrid Interconnect Device (MID), EP200G101-M240US00

The Enphase Enpower smart switch contains a neutral-forming transformer (NFT), a Microgrid Interconnect System (MID), breakers, and screws. It simplifies PV and storage installations' grid-independent capabilities. The Enphase Enpower smart switch links the home to grid power, storage, and solar PV. In the event of a grid failure, it offers microgrid interconnection device (MID) functionality by automatically detecting and smoothly transitioning the home energy system from grid power to backup power. By offering a reliable, pre-wired solution for residential applications, it consolidates interconnection equipment into a single enclosure and streamlines grid-independent capabilities of PV and storage installations.

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Enphase Enpower Smart Switch Warranty

Enphase offers a 10-year limited product warranty for the Enphase Enpower line.