Enphase Enphase Q-BA-3-1P-60 Aggregator

SKU: 570-0229

Enphase, IQ, Single-Phase Branch Aggregator, 1-3 Female inputs, 60A Max 2L+PE output. Includes one Q-BA-CAP, Q-BA-3-1P-60

The Enphase Q Aggregator makes it simple to combine branch circuits on the roof; eliminating materials and improving installation reliability. It allows the connection of up to three microinverter branches on the roof for simple "plug and play" 

Enphase Q Aggregator Characteristics: 

  • Aggregates up to three fully populated 20A branch circuits 
  • Supports solar arrays of up to 13.7 kW with a single aggregator 
  • Can be used in any position up to 45 degrees from horizontal (NEMA 3R, includes drain holes)
  • Reduces electrical labor and balance-of-system materials costs 

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