Enphase Encharge ENCHARGE-3-1P-NA 1.3kW Energy Storage System (3.4kWh Capacity)

SKU: 480-0123

Enphase, Encharge 3.36kWh LFP Battery, with 4 integrated IQ8X-BATT inverters, NEMA 3R, ENCHARGE-3-1P-NA

The Encharge 3™ all-in-one AC-coupled storage system provides a total usable energy capacity of 3.4kWh and four embedded grid-forming microinverters. It provides great flexibility in starting small and adding incremental capacity.

The Enphase storage system is reliable, smart, simple, and safe. It performs two critical functions in your system. The batteries, internal to Encharge™, store energy for later use or for use during a power outage. The IQ 8X-BAT microinverters convert your harvested energy into usable AC electricity for your house. It provides backup capability and installers can quickly design the right system size to meet the needs of both new and retrofit solar customers.

  • Enphase Encharge™ comes with cover kit and wall mount kit brackets.
  • 24x7 support available on Enphase Encharge™

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Enphase Encharge Energy Storage System Warranty

The Limited Warranty covers the Encharge for >70% capacity, up to 10 years or 4000 cycles.