EndurEnergy IE00010 Battery Enclosure with BMS for 2 ESP-5100

SKU: 450-0183


EndurEnergy Systems, Inverter/Battery Enclosure with BMS for 2 ESP-5100 Battery Packs, and 1 Sol-Ark 8 or 12k Inverter (Not Included), 10.24kWh Name Plate, Indoor Rated, ESP-IE10, IE00010

EndurEnergy is a battery manufacturer with solutions for residential, commercial & industrial, as well as utility scale. 

  • Dollar for dollar we pack more value and more kWh's into a smaller footprint than many popular brands
  • 90% DOD; over 6,000 cycles; All Grade "A" LFP battery cells; 10-year warranty to a full 70% capacity after 10 years
  • Inverter tested: Best battery option when pairing with intelligent "non-packaged" inverter systems
  • 100% end-of-line testing with proprietary BMS
  • We own our own supply chain with the security of 17GWh capacity of Tier 1, Grade A LFP batteries.